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Updating Nameservers for domains registered at HostGator

If you are hosting your domain name with our company but registered it at HostGator, you can log into their control panel and direct your name servers back to our servers. Please remember that all nameserver changes can take up to 72 hours to propagate.

Before you begin, please make sure that you check out the article explaining how to look up your nameservers with your IXWebhosting account here.

1. Log into your HostGator control panel.

2. Once logged into your control panel click on the tab “Manage Domains”.

3. HostGator asks you to verify yourself once again by providing them your billing account email address and password.

4. After providing them your login details, click on the desired domain to get a full domain overview. The domain overview displays details about the specific domain name and the ability to update your nameservers.

5. On the left-side of your window click on the “Name Servers” tab.

6. Inside the “Name Servers” tab, you have the ability to edit your domain nameservers. Enter the nameservers provided to you by our company in the blank nameserver sections.

7. Once you have completed entering your nameservers, click on the icon “Save Name Servers” to complete your changes.

Please remember to allow 24-72 hours for DNS propagation of your name servers to propagate fully.

If you host with one of our Cloud Hosting solutions, you will need to update or request to have your name server IPs updated to the new information provided by our support team. HostGator, however requires contacting their support staff or by creating a ticket with the request.



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