We have provided you with a chart that we update regularly with the best possible pricing that the industry has to offer for these particular services. Look through our top 10 list and when you are ready to select a host click on the visit site button, price or the host icon and it will bring you to the hosting providers site for the best promotional coupon/pricing avaiable.

hosting service features price our score


Our #1 Choice

-$100 Credit For Google Advertising
- Free Site Builder w/ 300+ Themes
- Free Emails
- Unlimited Space & Bandwidth





The most affordable

-$100 Credit For Google Advertising
- Free Site Builder w/ 300+ Themes
- Free Emails
- Unlimited Space & Bandwidth





Realiable and Affordable

-Anytime Money Back Guarantee
-Free Domain Name Included
-Unlimited Space & Bandwidth





-$100 Credit For Google Advertising
-4,500 Free Website Templates
-Unlimited Space & Bandwidth




For The Everyday User

-$50 Social Networking Ad Credit
-Unlimited Space & Bandwidth
-Free Domain Name Included




Solid Company

-Unlimited Space & Bandwidth
-Free Instant Setup Included
-Free Domain Name Included



InMotion Hosting

Fast & Flexible

-Blazing Fast SSD Hosting!
-Increased Disk Space & Bandwidth
- Keep 100% Of The Money You Collect




Great Customer Support

- Unlimited Domains
- Drag & Drop Site Builder
- Free Domain Name




Cheap & Affordable

-Free Domain or Domain Transfer
-99% Uptime Guarantee
-30 Day Money Back Guarantee





- Unlimited Domains
-1,000s of Templates
- Moneyback Guarantee
-Unlimited Email Accounts



We have tried to make your decisions as easy as possible by laying out what our web developers and system administrators feel are the top notch companies. Use the chart to compare and contrast the different providers. In the end these top 10 hosting providers will all do the job that you need them to, which is host your site.

Domain Hosting 101

Choosing a host can be a daunting task at first, however it is really quite simple and it doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. We will help you by listing a few common questions below about best hosting practices and the difference between some of the best web hosting providers in the industry. It will be important to first understand what a companies web hosting services provide, then ask the questions below to sort through the type of domain hosting service you will need.

What Are Domain Hosting And Web Hosting Services?

To make your website present on the web it is important for you to lease a server. Essentially this is a place on the internet in which your website will be established and exist. Web hosting services provide this for your domain hosting. It is important to first understand the requirements of your website then you will be able to determine which is best for your site.

What Type of Domain Hosting Does My Website Need?

This is a big question of what type of domain hosting does my website need and can be a daunting one for that matter. Let’s begin by breaking it down into a few different levels. reliability, security, increase of size and last but not least pricing.


The important thing to really understand before you begin is to have a good understanding of the scope and content of your site. We suggest you start out at a lower level of hosting as pretty much any reliable hosting service will let you upgrade at anytime down the line.


Free of course is the best hosting when it comes to a price sense, but is obviously the lowest level of service. These types of services are typically used for personal blogs, however if you are looking have something a bit more professional it is suggested that you move up to the next level of shared hosting, because the provider is more than likely putting advertisement on your site and the amount of users sharing the server can be obscene in some cases and make your site run very slow.


This brings us to another type of hosting called shared hosting, which can cost anywhere from $1.99- $9.95. Although you are still on a shared server your site will be more reliable and advertisements will not be placed on the site. This is the most common type of hosting for individuals who are just starting out.


And a step of above shared hosting is VPS (virtual private server). Although you still share a server you actually have your own portion of the server that you are able to control whether it be adding software or security measures. If you have confidential info on the site this is a preferred hosting method and it will run you anywhere form $15-$40
Last but not least we have dedicated servers. This is a top level service and provides the out most flexibility and space for customization, security and fast running websites. You will pay a bit more for this service at about $70, but if you have large volumes of traffic it is highly suggested.  

Choosing the Best Web Hosting Providers for Domain Hosting?

Now here comes the next step, how to choose the best web hosting providers for your website. We have covered some of the things that are important above to consider when choosing your host. On this page you will find what we consider some of the best providers in the hosting industry based off of the average person. If you click on the buttons within the table next to the hosts you will be able to learn more about which host will be the best choice for you.